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Typical Double 6ft x 5ft
Width: 152.5 cm
Height: 183.0 cm
Typical Single 6ft x 2ft 6inch
Width: 76.3 cm
Height: 183.0 cm
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A lightweight economic and environmentally friendly board ideal for large point of sale prints and life size cut-outs, has a smooth matt surface on the print side.

Perfect for Large photographic & art prints, or high quality commercial work requiring stunning definition and realism when viewed up close (intended viewing distance: arms length). Unique to supersize print is the UK’s first 7 colour (includes light cyan, magenta and grey in addition to the standard 4 colours CYMK) UV curing printer giving unrivalled realism to tones and blends in your photos and artwork, with excellent colour accuracy and depth of colour. The inks that are highly durable outdoors as well as in, and their excellent adhesion makes it possible to print on to a diverse range of media from glass, acrylic and aluminium to textured art papers and canvases and even everyday objects.

Cut to shape around your printed image, or a cut-line you supply, be this a life-sized cut-out of a person, an enlarged product for a retail display, a geometric shape like a circle, lettering or logo. Cut-lines can be +-5mm away from the intended position; if you need to avoid the cut-line crossing onto the image then we can offset it, bleed is required for this otherwise a white outline will show. Not all shapes are possible. Contact sales to discuss in advance or our studio will contact you once you have ordered.

One Cardboard Back Strut for free standing prints up to 1 metre wide; e.g. a life-size cut-out of a person. A cardboard support folds out from the back of your print and locks into position to allow it to be free-standing in an indoor environment. Folds flat when not in use. If the width is over 1 metre then choose the same product with 2 back struts.